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March 11, 2019
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Christmas Photos

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2020 Festive Christmas Photos

Time to end the year with a smile?



After an incredibly testing year for all of us, It Is now time to turn our attention to the Xmas celebration and what better way then you’re own Christmas photos.

Here at Chic Portrait Photography, we know how important this Christmas, in particular, is going to be for all of us.

However, we also understand the difficulties of getting the family together at this difficult time too.

So much do we love capturing family memories and loved one closest to us, we all make a special effort to take photo, where using a Photo camera of specilise Digital SLR camera.

We think Xmas is a great time to capture all the festive enjoyment.

This year’s solution is to send us an image of all the family you wish to be included within your Christmas photo.

And we will do the rest by adding a touch of magic and bring everything to life.

Yes, we will photo-shop your family photos, add text and some Xmas cheer!

So what do you need to do to have this service?

Simply call the number above or visit us at our contact us page and we can discuss your preferences and pick your background scene from our extensive collection.

Once you have confirmed and paid for you images, we will send you a FREE VIDEO GUIDE video on how to take the best photos.

Cost for this service?

  • £15 per photo
  • £35 for three

Just call us immediately on the number below!

07478 666 373

As mentioned above, just email your photos to

And Finally…

Chic Media is always looking for new and innovative ways to help our customers and clients to get the most from their family photos.

As such, if you have any other further requests, please just ask!